Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Hey, this is Allyie from the So Solid Skype Crew. In this blog, we hope to detail our various adventures, triumphs, and general shenanigans. We hope that you will find us entertaining, thought-provoking, and generally all-around badasses. (I'm just kidding we're none of those things :( ). Anyway please stay tuned for more videos, general musings, and possible nudes. Simon is yelling at me on Skype, and is being very mean. He's already threatened to edit my post and make it look like a respectable person. Anyway, I digress, please enjoy your stay here, and I hope you grow to be a big fan of ours. I really need to stop typing. You are probably bored by now. Please enjoy the videos, and various refreshments.

Pic Related. Sobek Chilling. (He lost his horns somehow :( )

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